How Connected Field Workers Reduce Operational Costs

How Connected Field Workers Reduce Operational Costs

CBT’s Connected Worker solutions transform the way field workers perform their jobs by utilizing tailored software combinations enabled on wearable devices, smartphones, and tablets to provide an effective way for field workers to visualize, consume, and collaborate on actionable information.

A report by environmental health and safety experts Verdantix found that the demand for connected worker and augmented reality solutions has grown anywhere from 30% to 200% year-over-year due to the pandemic. This demand is driven by the desire to increase productivity and eliminate the need for technical experts to travel to work sites.

Connected Worker is a great investment for companies that rely on field workers to accomplish complex tasks. The solution boosts the bottom line by reducing operational costs through real-time decision-making, risk reduction, and maximizing remote resources for optimal efficiency.

Timely Decision Making

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Connected field workers reduce operating costs by leveraging data to enhance real-time decision-making. The Connected Worker solution gives field workers hands-free access to real-time data from assets with sensors and resources from the company database while at the work site.

Connected field workers spend less time looking for information and more time accomplishing tasks. Workers can obtain the right information and tools in real time while at the actual point of work instead of carrying clipboards and laminated spreadsheets or having to continually return to the control room for resources.

Remote Mentor gives workers real-time assistance from experienced technicians via telepresence technology. By incorporating enterprise-ready collaboration solutions with wearable devices, Remote Mentor connects a mobile workforce with subject matter experts. This means workers receive in-the-moment guidance, while also allowing interaction with vendors, partners, and other resources.

Through the wearable device, the field worker can view sensor readings, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), and schematics while at the work site. Connecting remotely to databases and dashboards limits repeat trips to and from the site that would drive up transportation costs and interfere with productivity.

Reducing Risk

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Connecting field workers can reduce the cost of risk by eliminating errors. Field workers need to make decisions based on timely and accurate information. Accessing the most recent and complete information from wherever workers are located empowers them to make fast, informed, and correct field-level decisions. Arming field workers with the right information prevents them from making costly mistakes, such as installing the wrong part or servicing a piece of equipment incorrectly or at the wrong time.

By reducing risk and optimizing maintenance procedures, the Connected Worker solution decreases compliance errors and insurance costs. The solution makes maintaining compliance easier by enabling field workers to instantly capture and digitally file images for use in an audit. Images that show the condition and status of an asset can be kept as a record for auditing purposes.

Connected workers can see real-time IoT data using sensors and QR codes. The QR codes display a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to show real-time data as well as documents linking to the equipment specs, blueprints, manuals and videos on how to perform certain tasks. This is extremely helpful as workers go to locations/substations and might not know the status/condition of the equipment they are dealing with.

Connected Worker helps field workers conduct preventative maintenance to prevent the risk of equipment failure. With the wearable device, the field worker can view historical trend data to determine if a piece of equipment is prone to malfunction. The worker can also look at maintenance logs to see if the equipment is due for repair or replacement. By utilizing data to perform preventative maintenance, field workers can reduce the cost of repairs.

Remote Collaboration

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Connected Worker saves on operating costs by enabling field workers to collaborate with remote experts from anywhere in the world. This collaboration means less experienced workers can perform highly complex procedures with virtual step-by-step guidance. Two-way audio and video communication allows both the field worker and a remote expert to share the same view while talking with each other. Connected workers can communicate with 1-to-1 or 1-to-many collaboration tools, record these sessions, as well as leverage existing conferencing platforms from 3rd party solutions. Remote collaboration between field workers and experts reduces travel and per diem expenses for experts.

In healthcare, EMTs or surgeons can consult with a specialist about how to perform a medical procedure through video conferencing. The remote expert can see the procedure being performed and deliver real-time guidance.

Remote collaboration in industries such as oil and gas and manufacturing decreases downtime and labor cost. Critical maintenance procedures can be expedited, preventing equipment from failing and causing costly shutdowns and production downtime.

With Connected Worker, knowledge transfer can take place in the field. Field workers get more hands-on experience and can complete their required training more quickly. The faster workers complete training, the sooner they can become productive, revenue-generating members of the company. This is especially relevant as more experienced generations are retiring in large numbers and taking institutional knowledge with them.

Connecting Your Field Workers

Companies in a wide variety of industries are using Connected Worker to help their field workers do their jobs more accurately, safely, and efficiently. Companies in oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, and more are seeing a return on their Connected Worker investment.

CBT can work with your company to discover new and valuable use cases for Connected Worker. Seeing Connected Worker in action through a demo may inspire you to find a unique way to reduce operating costs at your company. CBT can take this vision and make it a reality by customizing Connected Worker software to meet your needs.

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