How to Start Your Company's AI Journey

If you’ve been to a technology industry conference lately, you’ve probably noticed that everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI). Although AI has been around for a while, it has evolved quickly. The rise of Generative AI has created a lot of buzz about the transformative potential of AI. AI and machine learning (ML) can be used to drive business outcomes, streamline operations, and generate new revenue streams.  

To stay competitive, companies need to look at what opportunities are around the corner. Whether for the near-term or the long-term, AI has become a requirement for companies, no matter what industry they are in. 

The potential of AI drives companies to assess their AI maturity. Where is the business in its AI journey? While many companies may have some AI initiatives, they may not have developed an AI strategy. 

To start off on the AI journey, companies need to lay a strong foundation with the right technology roadmap and expertise from an industry-leading partner. 

Era of Specialization

To use AI to transform the way they do business, organizations need the correct infrastructure in place to support AI. However, this infrastructure must come from a technology partner that does more than sell products. Not many technology companies have experience and expertise in AI.

The rise of AI has initiated an era of specialization. Only a select few technology partners will have the knowledge and skills required to help your company develop a strategy for unlocking and harnessing the potential of AI. The right technology partner will work with you to uncover opportunities for using AI-powered automation and analytics to revolutionize your business. 

With the right guidance, your company can use AI to support your digital workforce and guide decision making. AI can reduce manual work, streamline operations, and drive innovation. Advanced analytics software needs to be combined with connected IoT and IIoT devices to generate insights and provide automation. 

Evolution of The Traditional Data Center

AI/ML is all about capturing the right data from an operational standpoint, so your company needs to transform your data center to start the AI journey. Your company must evolve your traditional enterprise data center with a next-generation technology that has a purpose-built data platform as its foundation. Despite the popularity of the cloud, your company shouldn’t rely on the cloud for data center because of the cost.  

Designing and implementing a next-generation data center that can handle the demands of AI is a key step in achieving AI readiness. Data must be collected from various sources across the enterprise so that it can be analyzed using AI models to make inferences that drive valuable business outcomes. The data center must be capable of handling large volumes of data and compute-intensive AI applications, as well as supporting AI models. 

Picking The Right Technology Partner

To get started on your company’s AI journey, you need to work with a partner that has the necessary experience and wisdom to fill any knowledge gaps, assess your AI readiness, and lay the groundwork for starting your journey. Your partner should be able to set the right pace for your AI journey so you can achieve milestones at the appropriate time. 

Your technology partner should be invested in your relationship. Reaching a deep understanding of your company’s current technology and future AI ecosystem will ensure that your partner delivers results. 

CBT is such a partner. Through building the refinery of the future (RotF), CBT has demonstrated our ability to build a process around a company’s unique challenges that leverages AI. We do more than deliver a solution out of a box.  

When Texmark Chemicals was facing challenges with rising data volumes and changing demand patterns, we used advanced IIoT technologies to modernize and enhance the company’s operations. CBT brought together advanced analytics and connected IIoT devices to create 5 solutions that promote innovation, safety, and efficiency at the refinery. 

Pacing Your AI Journey

As with any technology trend, your company shouldn’t rush into AI. AI isn’t a cookie-cutter solution. Instead, it’s an approach to problem solving that must be tailored to your company’s needs and goals. 

CBT can work with your business to uncover opportunities for using AI. Once we have discovered these opportunities, we can develop hardware and software solutions that create a sound foundation for AI, as well as help you realize your objectives through a timeline that makes sense. 

We are experts in key processes connected to AI/ML, starting with how to choose, find, and collect the data that feeds AI insights. 

Want to start your AI journey on the right foot? Request a Quickstart ideation session with CBT. 

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