IDC Webcast: Quality at the Edge, Video as a Sensor

IDC Webcast – Quality at the Edge: Video as a Sensor

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IDC predicts that data generation and volume will triple in 5 years—and a lot of this data will reside in videos. In many edge use cases, video is replacing sensors, as it’s often more consistent and can document in real time. The downside: video generates a lot of data, which is then pushed up to the cloud, over to on-premises infrastructure, or out to the edge—creating its own set of challenges. Join experts from IDC, CBT, and HPE as they explore these issues and lay out best practices for solving these challenges.


Kevin Prouty – Group VP, Manufacturing Insights and Energy Insights, IDC
Bob Patterson – Chief Strategist & Senior Enterprise Architect, HPE
Steve Jordahl – Chief Technologist, CBT
Lonnie Ludwig – VP of Solution Services, CBT
Chris Banyai – AI Technical Specialist, Intel

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