What is Connected Worker as a Service?

What is Connected Worker as a Service?

Connected worker solutions are made up of multiple pieces of hardware and software that work together to enable frontline workers access to data. While on the work site, workers can communicate with supervisors and co-workers through 1-to-1 or 1-to-many audio and video channels. But what is Connected Worker as a Service (CWaaS)?

CWaaS is a way of bringing the building blocks of connected worker together into an integrated, easy-to-deploy solution. Companies that use CWaaS gain additional benefits and value from their solution.

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The CWaaS Difference

With CWaaS, the customer is not required to own any portion of their solution. Instead, all connected worker resources are provided by a third party. The CWaaS provider delivers the wearables, software, and integration.

Since there’s no infrastructure, the solution is quick and easy to deploy. Necessary software can be installed and configured as needed.

Connected worker solutions are complex, requiring information technology and operational technology convergence (IT/OT). Deploying CWaaS simplifies the process, taking the pressure off your internal IT staff.

Benefits of Connected Worker as a Service

Overall, CWaaS is cost-efficient, flexible, secure, and scalable. Using CWaaS enables field workers to communicate with supervisors and co-workers wherever they are located. Field workers can access data and share information in real-time. Using CWaaS simplifies management and allows for greater visibility into the status of field workers and the assets they maintain.

CWaaS helps secure and integrate edge devices, remote workers, and company locations, such as factories, warehouses, and work sites. Data can be transmitted quickly and safely for accurate, real-time decision making. The right provider can offer robust security for your CWaaS solution.

CWaaS is easy to scale because all the resources are delivered by the provider. When your company needs to accommodate additional field workers or functions, you can ask your provider for more resources and acquire them quickly without needing to provision more servers or buy additional software.

Cost-Efficient Connected Worker

CWaaS eliminates the capital expenses needed to fund infrastructure for the solution. Organizations that use CWaaS experience shorter time-to-value because they don’t need to invest in infrastructure. CWaaS also allows for OpEx (Operating Expense/expenditure) versus CapEx (Capital Expense/expenditure), and with all the same benefits of the Connected Worker solution.

There is a way to get even more value from a CWaaS solution. CBT offers a unique consumption model for CWaaS. Our solution is available for a low monthly fee. By leasing a CWaaS solution, your company has access to continual device and software upgrades at no additional cost. Your company can be assured that it is always working with the latest connected worker hardware and software without the burden of tracking and budgeting for upgrades.

Where to Find True Connected Worker as a Service

CWaaS is a specialized offering. To provide CWaaS, a technology partner must achieve IT/OT convergence. The partner must have expertise in hardware, software, IoT, and wireless connectivity.

CBT has the IT/OT expertise necessary to design, build, and implement a CWaaS solution. We work closely with our customers to uncover unique use cases for Connected Worker and develop custom software to meet their needs. CBT offers the only Connected Worker solution delivered as a service.

CBT provides true CWaaS. While other CWaaS providers provide deployment services, CBT delivers a revolutionary consumption model for the solution. Our CWaaS package includes software, wearable devices, integration, professional services, and training through a monthly subscription or lease model. Customers can start with a 2-year contract that includes upgrades. Using our consumption model, companies can scale connected worker up or down quickly and easily.

We bundle our CWaaS solution and provide this consumption model to make it easier for companies to embrace industrial internet of things (IIoT). With our CWaaS solution, your company can begin your IIoT journey quickly and inexpensively to establish a proof of concept.

Use a CBT success story as inspiration for your own unique Connected Worker use cases. Check out our Texmark Case Study.

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