Innovation Delivery as a Service (IDAAS)

From Ideas to Execution

What is IDAAS?

We take you from nothing to something, and from something to something real. IDAAS is a proven process that de-risks innovation and gives you the best chance for digital transformation success. Delivering real results through constant evolution, transformation, rapid iteration, innovation and support.

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What is a Quickstart?

A Quickstart is a two-hour sprint session used to make quick progress around complex needs. By asking questions and using an empathy-driven approach, we develop unique, creative solutions that improve your experience and the experience of your customers.

Goals & Objectives
  • Enable cross-departmental collaboration and ideation
  • Develop a deep understanding of customer domains, user
    personas, and use cases
  • Pinpoint use cases to drive specific KPI’s and desired outcomes
  • Uncover all key hypotheses and related areas of risk
  • Develop a crawl/walk/run approach to deliver fast results
Key Players

Our Key Players

  • Systems Engineer
  • Account Executive
  • Design/Solution Strategist
  • Technology Specialist
  • Partner Liason


Your Key Players

  • Executive Sponsor
  • End User(s) (Champion)
  • Operations Representative
  • IT Representative
  • Prioritized use cases
  • Outcome/ROI roadmap
  • Project scope & next steps
  • System & architectural design/recommendations
  • Implementation/training plan

Why Choose Quickstart?

At CBT, we understand that Industrial IoT projects are complex and can be difficult to get off the ground. That’s why we take a crawl, walk, run approach. We’ll never ask our customers to commit to a multi-million-dollar project before proving its value. We commit the time and resources up front to make sure we’re minimizing your risk and maximizing your investment. Our unique approach ensures you have small, strategic wins and tangible ROI before you fund at scale.

1. Discovery of Outcomes

Learn more about you, your business, your customers, and employees.

Who is the end user? What is their current process and desired outcomes?

2. Demos/Solution Overview

Further exploring the concepts surfaced during phase 1 and revealing the “art-of-the-possible” through demonstrations of relevant technologies.

3. Design Thinking Exercises

Utilize design thinking and prioritize ideas in terms of the greatest overall impact.

4. Roadmap to Solution

Present final use cases, a clear implementation roadmap, requirements documentation, and action items in order to build, test, and deploy them in the real-world environment.

Innovation Delivery Cycles (IDC)

A process immediately following the Quickstart that includes designing, building, testing and deploying concepts in the real world with real users.

Once validated, our solutions are integrated into the lives of the employees and organizations they’re designed to help.

Subsequent IDCs create a rapid, continuous deployment process we call IDaaS (Innovation Delivery as a Service).

Successful Deployment: Refinery of the Future

Successful Engagements

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semco energy
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