IDC Expert Panel: How IT/OT Convergence is Critical to Industry 4.0

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IDC Expert Panel

Episode Overview

In this webinar, Jonathan Lang, Research Manager for Worldwide IT/OT Convergence Strategies at IDC, will address the emerging trends of Industry 4.0 for 2021 and beyond. Jonathan will be joined by an expert IT/OT panel comprised of Scott Wiest, North America Chief Technologist for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Rob Schaeffer, President and Chief Operating Officer for CBT, and Howard Heppelmann, General Manager for IoT/SCO at PTC.

The panel will discuss the key use cases companies are trying to solve for with Industry 4.0, how they’re approaching it, and the challenges and barriers to entry that organizations face as they begin the complex IT/OT convergence journey. The panel will also react to three of IDC’s key predictions for Industry 4.0 surrounding Edge to Cloud, Services, and the Digital Twin.

Key predictions discussed:

  • Edge to Cloud
  • Services Embedded in Organization
  • Digital Twin for Operations

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