Worker Health & Safety

Industrial IoT Safety Suite - Hardware & Software Solutions

Ensuring Frontline Workers Return Home To Their Families

In the US, there are over 15 workplace deaths per day and preventable workplace injuries are on the rise. In addition to the incalculable toll these incidents put on US families, worker illness, injury, and death cost businesses an estimated $3T per year.

CBT offers a suite of Industrial IoT hardware and software solutions to combat these concerning trends. Together with our industry-leading partner ecosystem, we work to keep your team and family safe, while increasing productivity and lowering costs.

Discover what it takes to get your frontline workers connected and how you can ensure a smooth rollout and improve the adoption of Connected Worker solutions by watching our on-demand webinar below.

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Redefining Industrial Safety Solutions

Software & Services

  • Safety Control Center
  • Purpose-built IIoT platform
  • Device management
  • Analytics engine & reporting


  • Compute, storage, networking
  • Cloud or on-premise
  • OT/IT convergence
  • Integration services

Smart Devices

  • Wearables, tablets
  • Smart tags, glasses, phones
  • Bio-tracking bands
  • Intrinsically safe options
Use Cases
Communication & Location Services
Overexertion & Fatigue Mitigation
Workforce Protection & Development
Environmental Detection & Management
Compliance, Analytics & Reporting
Connectivity, Cybersecurity & IT


reduction in lost time to OSHA reportable incidents

via collaboration and knowledge share

reduction in EMS response time for critical incidents

reduction in Workers’ Compensation Insurance costs

Our Industrial IoT Solutions Are:

Comprehensive & impactful

Top connected worker safety & productivity use cases include:

  • Real-time situational awareness
  • Lone worker safety
  • Evacuation & emergency response
  • Remote expert
  • Training

Easy to use & personalize

Flexible deployment options with out-of-box and adaptable settings and reports, such as:

  • KPIs
  • Locations
  • Sensor Readings
  • Audit Trails
  • Zones
  • Contact Trees
  • Contact Tracing Tables

Interoperable & integration-ready

A growing set of devices, APIs, SDKs, and protocols connect across OT, legacy enterprise systems, and emerging tech:



Real-World Industrial IoT Safety Examples

The combination of CBT and our partners’ devices and software can be applied in an infinite number of customizable scenarios. These are only a small sample of the possibilities.

Example: Fallen Worker

The wearable device detects a rapid drop in altitude.

The IIoT software platform interprets this as a fall and alerts the SCC and nearby workers.

A safety officer attempts to contact the affected worker and does not receive a response. He or she then remotely activates a video call from the worker’s device to assess the situation.

When the worker continues to be nonresponsive, the safety officer sends a request for help.

The IIoT software platform alerts nearby workers to the request. The fallen worker is easily located due to a map which can also be sent to a mobile

Example: Toxic Spill

A worker sends an image or a video of a spill to the Safety Control Center.

A safety officer uses this information to set a lockout boundary.

Workers inside the boundary are alerted to evacuate. Workers approaching the boundary are alerted to change course. This is done automatically by the IIoT software platform once the lockout area is established via the easy-to-use user interface.

How It Works

Data is collected by connected wearable devices and mobile devices. This information is analyzed by the IIoT software platform and sent to the Safety Control Center.

If there are any dangerous conditions requiring alerts, the IIoT software platform communicates these to all devices in the affected area. A safety officer can then respond as appropriate, setting new geofence boundaries in real-time or initiating communication with nearby workers.

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