What is Connected Worker?

What is Connected Worker?

Our Connected Worker solution is revolutionizing the way frontline workers do their jobs.

Today, when connected technologies are mentioned, many people automatically think of the internet of things (IoT). IoT uses sensors and beacons to track assets and products for predictive maintenance, automation, and supply chain management. CBT’s Connected Worker solution takes IoT one step further by transforming the way workers do their jobs.

According to LNS Research, 40% of companies have started a digital transformation initiative, such as IoT and connected worker solutions, and almost a quarter have one planned within the year. With connected worker technologies, companies use Industrial IoT to modernize and streamline operations. Connected worker solutions combine wearables or mobile devices and software to help workers in a variety of industries work smarter and safer.

Connected Worker Technology

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Connected worker technology uses a combination of hardware, network, and software tools that enable frontline workers to communicate with supervisors or fellow employees in another location. Workers in the field can share their viewpoints with colleagues or view dashboards through a remote connection.

For connected worker technology to function optimally, we recommend utilizing wearables with a built-in camera, mic, and speaker with noise-cancellation functionality. A more limited subset of connected worker capabilities can also be enabled via laptops, tablets, or phones.

Connectivity allows the remote worker and employees back at headquarters or another site to communicate both visually and verbally, as well as to exchange data. A database or resource center facilitates the transmission of real-time actionable information so decisions can be made quickly and accurately.

Connected worker solutions are not one size fits all. The devices and software need to be customized to meet the requirements of different industries and use cases. A hospital or medical center would need different software to enable surgeons to consult on a procedure than a construction company would need to ensure worker safety on a build site. Utility linemen will benefit from the hands-free functionality of a wearable device, whereas less manual occupations could utilize a handheld phone or tablet to collaborate.

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Connected Worker Use Cases

Forbes emphasizes that connected worker solutions are of utmost importance for essential workers, such as manufacturing employees, during the pandemic. Connected worker solutions play a role in many industries with essential workers, such as healthcare, oil and gas, utilities, and automotive.

CBT’s Connected Worker helps frontline worker heroes work more safely, transfer knowledge, and collaborate on tasks.

Here’s an overview of how our Connected Worker solution is revolutionizing the way frontline workers do their jobs:


Connected Worker can be used in telemedicine to conduct remote examinations and augment local resources. Doctors from anywhere in the world can use conferencing functionalities to collaborate with specialists on complex procedures. By enabling doctors and patients to interact remotely, Connected Worker can reduce infection rates, expedite care, and reduce costs.

Oil & Gas

Connected Worker increases frontline employee safety in the oil and gas industry by utilizing wearables to free operators’ hands and reduces distractions. Certified, intrinsically safe equipment is available for use in C1D1 environments. Through integrated software applications, oil and gas workers instantly gain virtual access to critical info such as schematics, sensor readings, P&IDs, maintenance logs, and manuals.


Utility workers can install and service equipment in the field by receiving IoT sensor readings, reviewing historical trends in data, and viewing maintenance logs. Workers can instantly see manuals and schematics, as well as connect to remote experts.


Connected Worker enables manufacturers to maintain quality control and standards by conducting audits and improving maintenance procedures. Step-by-step instructional workflows can direct inexperienced workers through complicated tasks and make sure every job meets the highest possible standard. Workers on the floor can connect with remote experts for quicker repairs, reducing costly factory downtime.


Connected Worker keeps construction worker heroes safe by eliminating “blind lifts” and reliance on hand signals. The wearable solution frees construction workers’ hands, reducing the risk of a dangerous fall.


Connected Worker can be used to train service workers and technicians via augmented reality and automated workflows. Repairs can be carried out more quickly, efficiently, and consistently (especially with optional remote expert assistance), resulting in highly satisfied customers.

These industry use cases may inspire you to envision how Connected Worker could fit into your business.

Benefits of Connected Worker

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Companies that use Connected Worker increase worker productivity, promote safety, and boost their profits. Greater efficiency cuts down on costs and enables workers to do their jobs more quickly and accurately. Employees can make decisions at the moment based on their access to databases, dashboards, and reports.

Knowledge transfer and training can take place using real-world scenarios. Workers can collaborate on tasks with more seasoned professionals.

Connected Worker eliminates risk by providing hands-free functionality for employees. The technology also lessens the risk of equipment breakdowns by tying into predictive maintenance systems.

Customizing Connected Worker

Companies that want to make the most of connected worker technology need to partner with a provider that can customize the software to meet the needs of their business and industry. CBT is an expert in connected worker technology with the ability to make your company’s goals a reality.

CBT can develop custom hardware and software combinations for Connected Worker. We also partner with companies such as RealWear to offer our customers state-of-the-art wearable devices (head-mounted tablets) to augment the solution and enable hands-free capabilities.

At CBT, we are ready to hear about what you think Connected Worker solutions can do for your company.

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