Connected Worker

Enabling Workers to Collaborate Safely & Efficiently from Remote Locations

It is widely recognized that the volume of available data has grown, and continues to grow, exponentially. However, organizations are seeking ways to better interpret meaningful information from all the data generated from disparate IT/OT systems. The ways in which industrial organizations visualize and distribute that information to key personnel is also a significant challenge.

Connected Worker: Safe Real-time Critical Decision Making

CBT’s Connected Worker solution was built from the ground up to directly address these challenges. It utilizes tailored software combinations enabled on wearable devices, smartphones, and tablets to provide an effective way for field workers to visualize, consume and communicate actionable information. It gives maintenance and operations teams the tools they need to assess operations performance so they can make critical decisions safely, in real-time, and at the actual point of work.

Connected Worker As A Service

CBT’s Connected Worker is also the only solution of its kind to be offered as a service. This means customers have the option to purchase all hardware and wearable devices, software, integration, professional services, and training for one low monthly cost.

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When we committed to investing $4B in the Intelligent Edge, we had confidence because of partners like CBT, who have the talent to help achieve our vision of what’s next.

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Worker Safety
Virtual Remote Guidance
Employee Training
Performance Optimization
Inspection & Quality Control
Operational Visibility
Maintenance Optimization
Compliance & Regulatory
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Industry Trends

Connected Worker

Connected Worker uses intrinsically safe devices to deliver actionable data to key personnel in real time.

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