Connected Worker Frequently Asked Questions

What is Connected Worker? Here is a list of frequently asked questions associated with Connected Worker and its technologies.

What is Connected Worker?

What does the implementation process look like? How long does it take for a user to get started & comfortable?

How does the connected worker minimize risk and increase safety for users?

What is the difference between Remote Mentor & Connected Worker?

How does 5G play in this solution?

Where do I start?

How do I get my stakeholders buy-in? How do I get executive level sponsorship?

What are the major differences between Mentoring apps compared to Free phone App like FaceTime or Skype?

In your experience, are seasoned or tenured employees open to adoption of a head mounted device? 

What industries is Connected Worker a good fit for?

Is connected worker device agnostic?

What kind of bandwidth is needed, and how reliable does it need to be?

What technology requirements need to be met to fully utilize Connected Worker solutions?

How much does it cost?

How do I choose the right wearables? How do I choose the right technologies?

How important is connectivity where the work is being performed/is there value using offline features?

What is the long-term adoption/”Stickiness” of AR solutions for front line workers?

How does CBT quantify the ROI?

What is the best way to connect with CBT to learn more about these solutions?

It appears that the boom arm can be disruptive or a distraction to a user in the field. Have you seen that to be a concern with any customers? 

How do we make this value driven vs. another thing to learn and remember where it is?

Does this function as an app on iPad?

For more info, check out our Connected Worker Glossary Terms.

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