Minimize Exposure of Frontline Workers During COVID-19 and Beyond

Promote Safety & Maintain Top-Level Care

Now more than ever, hospitals, doctors’ offices and critical healthcare facilities must protect their care providers by limiting exposure and enabling telemedicine capabilities.

CBT’s Connected Worker solutions provide instant, hands-free access to live video sharing and conferencing software, making critical data and resources available quickly and remotely. In addition, remote mentor functionality empowers less experienced frontline workers with a direct connection to subject matter experts across the globe, enabling best-in-class care from anywhere.

With CBT, you’re never investing in cookie-cutter or out-of-the-box products. We invest in our customers and develop unique solutions to meet specific KPI’s. Talk to our team today to uncover the use cases that will provide immediate and long-term ROI for your business.

Promote Safety & Maintain Top-Level Care

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Connected Worker has real-world application and demonstrable ROI across verticals, especially in Healthcare. Schedule a demo with our team to see how this solution delivers actionable data to key personnel in real-time and enables remote collaboration even in the most sensitive environments.


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