Video Intelligence

Video as a Sensor utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to turn a live video feed into a smart sensor and alerting system that can help operations teams and field workers be safer and better informed – analyzing and identifying trends at both the macro and micro level.

Video as a Sensor leverages machine learning to detect and identify risks. Neural network model training and image tuning are used to teach the system to recognize (inference) visual anomalies and deliver instant actionable insights.

Global situational awareness, combined with deep learning data processing, empowers the system to identify unusual or undesirable scenarios and take action.

With a near real-time alerting system in place to monitor unplanned incidents, facility personnel are free to focus on their more critical and timely responsibilities. In addition, incident and emergency response times are expedited, resulting in improved facility and worker safety.

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When an incident occurs, the system automatically saves the video footage and alerts the control center. They can then review the anomaly, determine the cause and provide an expedited resolution. With machine learning, the solution continuously improves its accuracy based on the input of key personnel.

This solution has real-world applications across a multitude of industries such as Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities and Manufacturing, where safety and compliance are top priorities.

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