What is the Connected Worker Solution?

What is the Connected Worker Solution?

The Connected Worker solution lowers risk and increases profitability.

Connected worker technology is transforming the way frontline workers in a variety of industries do their jobs. Some of these industries are manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, construction, and automotive, but the potential use cases are endless.

The technology promotes safety, supports worker-to-worker communication, streamlines training, and boosts productivity. All these benefits add up to greater profitability and lower risk.

But what is the Connected Worker solution?

CBT’s Connected Worker solution is a combination of hardware and software that allows workers in the field to share their viewpoint and access real-time data.

Let’s take a closer look at the components that make up CBT’s Connected Worker solution:

Look! No Hands

One of the biggest advantages of the Connected Worker solution is that it includes (optional) hands-free technology. The solution utilizes wearables in the form of a headset, or head-mounted tablet. Leading wearable solutions can be mounted on a multitude of different headgear options, depending on the user’s requirements.

When people think of a connected worker headset, they typically think of it being mounted on a hardhat for utility or construction workers. However, state-of-the-art wearables are flexible and can be mounted on a surgeon’s PPE gear during an operation or on the baseball cap worn by an automotive service worker.

The headset allows the frontline worker to see schematics or dashboards without needing to carry clipboards or spreadsheets into the field. Hands-free functionality prevents falls, reduces distractions, and reduces the amount of equipment workers need to carry.

Do You See What I See?

The Connected Worker solution has communications tools that enable the worker’s viewpoint to be shared with colleagues in a different location. The frontline worker can also speak to and hear workers on the other side of the connection.

This two-way communication is enabled by a camera, mic, and speaker that are connected to the worker’s headset. The camera on the headset sends real-time video of the worker’s perspective back to a colleague at the company headquarters. The video communication goes both ways, so the frontline employee can also view information displayed on the colleague’s computer screen.

The mic and speaker allow the frontline worker to talk with employees and supervisors at another location. The worker can use voice commands to fill out forms/submit compliance evidence in the field. Noise cancellation makes communication easier in a loud work environment, such as a construction site or factory floor.

Employees on the other side of the connection can use the device to view video or snapshots taken from the frontline worker’s perspective. Another use case would be collaborative surgery. A specialist in one location can use a computer to watch surgery being performed and give advice during the procedure.

Ground Control to Major Tom

Another critical component of the Connected Worker solution is a worker’s ability to instantly access critical information in the field. Through custom combinations of software applications, workers can view dashboards, including IoT sensor readings, historical trend information, maintenance logs, schematics, manuals, and more. These experiences can be loaded onto the worker’s wearable device or delivered via a handheld option like a tablet or smartphone.

Enabling instant access to a robust library of resources vastly improves worker efficiency. Rather than identifying a problem and then returning to the control room to research a fix, field representatives can address the problem right away. If utilizing the wearable Connected Worker solution, the worker can access, review, and edit these resources completely hands free via simple voice command.

Workflows and training procedures can also be built into the resource library, allowing inexperienced workers the guidance necessary to ensure high-quality performance. If there are compliance regulations or standards to adhere to, field workers can document their work by taking a timestamped, geolocated snapshot of their completed procedure and instantly logging it in the system.

Customizing Your Connected Worker Solution

Whether it’s the hardware or software you need specialized, the Connected Worker solution is completely customizable. Hardware options include wearable devices, smartphones, tablets, and laptops, while the software integrations and customizations are virtually limitless. With the right integrator, a tailored Connected Worker solution can be made to match your vision.

CBT has this power. We can integrate connected worker software specially designed to meet your company’s goals. We also partner with industry-leading hardware providers such as RealWear, to give our customers access to the leading wearables and connected devices.

We want to help your company explore the possibilities of connected worker technology.

Find out more about CBT’s Connected Worker. Check out our Connected Worker web page and watch our 2-minute solution overview video.