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CBT is a premier, woman-owned Domain Expert Integrator. We deliver solutions that unite the unique IT/OT business cultures for collective success in today’s data-driven economy.

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Supercharging Your Digital Transformation

Some Key Innovations

Connected Worker

Enhancing Worker Safety While Boosting Productivity

Worker Health & Safety
Worker Health & Safety

Ensuring Frontline Workers Return Home to their Families

Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring

Optimizing Plant Maintenance and Operations

Asset Integrity
Asset Integrity

Reducing Risk and Expediting Decisions

Hear from our Customers

We could not have developed anything close to this experience without the guidance, support, and collaboration from CBT. From solutions to brainstorms, working through the nightmare that was developing around a physical space during covid. The collaboration between SparkLearn and CBT was instrumental and both of your organizations, as partners have enabled us to create a dream situation for our end-user experience and a foundation from which we can continue to expand in this space.

Manager of Program Content, Assets and Virtual Infrastructure
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp
Milwaukee Tool

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