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CB Technologies puts relationships

before sales.

We believe that happy employees make for happy customers, which may
explain why we’ve been honored repeatedly for our customer service in all
we do. It’s the source of our past and future success.

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Enterprise Security

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Committed to giving back.

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In IT, nothing stays the same. It’s always evolving. Keeping up with the advances, and implementing the most relevant solutions, is a full-time job in itself. That’s why we take the time to match HP’s suite of products with your goals, so you can focus on your priorities.

Keeping up with technology advances, such as using cloud computing for small business, can be a full-time job in itself. Thankfully you don’t have to. CB Technologies stays on top of new developments in cloud technology, and our experts draw from HP’s suite of products to match your technology needs.

  • Enterprise Best Practices: As exclusive resellers of HP products and processes, CB Technologies is synced with the world’s leader in collaboration, agile methods, and cloud computing web services.
  • A Business-to-business portal opens the way toward reduced costs, improved productivity, stronger contracts, and better purchasing pathways.

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The incredible rate of information flowing out of the cloud demands a new approach. Traditional tactics won’t hold out for long. That’s why we keep up on HP’s latest products and training, so we can present the most appropriate solutions for your organization’s goals.

Are infrastructure optimization problems slowing you down? Let CB Technologies’ experienced, professional team get you back up to speed. Your organization does everything to keep up with the pace of data, but is your infrastructure up to the test? Was it designed to meet tomorrow’s demands? Before it reaches its limits, andstretches your patience, let our experts evaluate your infrastructure and explore your company’s options with Hewlett Packard services:

  • HPC — Consolidate your organization’s high performance computing resources, regardless of their location.
  • Converged Systems — CB Technologies’ preconfigured turnkey solutions simplify the integration process. HP’s converged systems deliver rapid deployment, intuitive management, and system-level support.
  •  HP’s Moonshot System — Serving mega data centers, Moonshot promises to use up to 89 percent less energy, 80 percent less space and reduces costs by up to 77 percent.

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Your organization keeps up with the pace of data, but what about your infrastructure? Was it designed to meet tomorrow’s demands? Before it reaches its limits, let’s talk about your options with HP as we continue adding more zeros to our tally of data. 

Information optimization demands a cutting-edge approach. CB Technology presents the most appropriate HP information security products for your business. Consider the incredible amount and rate of information flowing from the cloud: Traditional tactics won’t hold for long. Therefore, CB Technology stays abreast of HP’s latest products and training to ensure that the most appropriate solutions are ready when you need them. These include:

  •  Enterprise Security Solutions to protect against data breaches and minimize your exposure to disruptions.
  •  Digital Optimization to improve branding and to better predict market behavior.
  •  Information Analytics provide a customized information management and analytics strategy to manage the flood of data.
  •  Operational Analytics allow you to manage the increase in cloud technologies using HP’s real-time and historical analytics products.








An industry partner in technology consulting services

CB Technologies, Inc., is an award-winning information technology professional services and consulting company. Established in 2001, this women-owned enterprise provides Fortune 500, mid-market companies, state, local and federal government entities with state-of-the-art solutions to solve their business needs. Based in Orange County, California, CB Technologies has provided technology consulting services for the U.S. Department of Defense, Fortune 500 companies, state and local education departments, and numerous smaller enterprises.


Federal — Federal Agencies are faced with greater IT demands, while facing reduced IT budgets. CB Technologies Federal offers cost effective quality solutions to meet your requirements, including enhancing cyber security.
Enterprise — CB Technologies helps organizations adopt, integrate and benefit from advancements in mobility and data management in a timely manner. Modern organizations count on CB Technologies to understand their unique situations and formulate a plan to move them forward.
SLED — CB Technologies is a proven and trusted technology advisor to state and local governments. CB Technologies brings cost-effective solutions to better serve the public. These include improved collaboration, mobility, productivity, and security.

The Leader in HP Technology Services

Are you looking for HP technology services from a professional team you can count on? CB Technologies leads the industry in Hewlett Packard services. CB Technologies facilitates the entire solution cycle, from proof-of-concept and procurement, to system integration and life cycle management.

HP consulting services customized for your company

CB Technologies’ expert staff works seamlessly with your team to support, plan and integrate HP technology services. Our HP consulting services give you the structure and support to design, deploy and maintain the technology you need — allowing you to focus on your business goals.

Plus, the flexibility is yours — CB Technologies can provide whatever level of help you need,whether you want us to work with your staff to implement and manage solutions in-house, or take advantage of CB Technology’s turnkey approach and have your Hewlett Packard services implemented for you.


Recognized for its HP consulting services

A leader in providing HP technology services, CB Technologies, Inc., was named Boeing Supplier of the Year, was included in the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies,Orange County Business Journal’s The List, and is perennially named to the CRN Solution Provider 500.


Hewlett Packard Services Testimonial:

“I want to thank you very much for doing such an outstanding job with the quick turnaround for our quote request. Time and time again, your team comes through when we need it most. We do our best to have our equipment needs planned out in advance, but from time to time, we find ourselves having to address a situation really quickly. It’s very comforting to know that we have you to reach out to when those situations arise.”