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Our Solutions


Your cloud, your terms. CB Technologies’ CLOUD@scale offers colocated private cloud at below public cloud cost.


CB Technologies’ HYPER@scale is a bundled offering that yields cloud-in-a-box capabilities in an enterprise consumable package.


CB Technologies’ Asset Intelligence Platform – swift access to all relevant asset information when and where you need it.

Big Data / Analytics

Data is the most valuable currency in the idea economy. When big data becomes business practice, the experiment ends and the experience wins.

Cloud / Infrastructure Management

Cloud computing is a game changer for business with its rapid deployment of applications, scalability to meet demand, pay-as-you-go cost structures and reduced IT staff requirements.

Software-Defined IT

Software-Defined IT means simplicity, efficiency and cost savings. Whether it’s Software-Defined Storage, Networking or the datacenter, trust CB Technologies to help you get there.


LEVERS is the first and only education system designed around the learner, for personalized, blended learning that demonstrates mastery of critical competencies employers require.


CB Technologies’ B2B portal streamlines the procurement process, taking care of the minutiae to allow your employees the valuable time to think and work strategically.

High Performance Compute

High Performance Compute demands a powerful environment with dynamic allocation for maximum productivity. CBT delivers premiere HPC for today’s most critical industries.