The Top Companies Implementing in Real-World Environments

Developing the right ecosystem for your smart manufacturing project happens with the top companies implementing in real-world environments.

When it comes to Smart Manufacturing or Intelligent Manufacturing, advances in connectivity bring great opportunities to develop solutions for IIoT. However, successfully deploying these complex IIoT solutions, especially those that make it beyond the proof-of-concept (POC), requires an ecosystem of collaborative partners. No one company has all the answers for IIoT or has the silver-bullet solution. 

Making factories and industries smarter requires the design and deployment of highly specialized and complex solutions, encompassing many different technologies and disciplines that can come from many places. The competencies that are needed to design, build, install, and instruct the maintenance of such a system are unlikely to be found within a singular company. That’s why it’s important to work with a systems integrator like CBT, that has experience working with the most competent hardware and software partners to give customers the strongest possibility and the best outcome. 

As such, CBT has taken the time to share the top companies implementing IIoT solutions in real-world environments. It’s like a perfect ecosystem formed via relationships that work strongly together. 

Top Companies Implementing in Real-World Environments

In CBT’s ecosystem, this is the smart manufacturing real-world dream team:


HPE Edgeline systems can compute and store data at the edge, while also analyzing video streams, time-series data, and translating industrial protocols. The collection of data from connected assets allows businesses to deliver insights that can be acted on to deliver true business value. This core-to-edge strategy drives a wholistic digital transformation infrastructure approach to support any Industrial IoT solution.


Aruba wired and wireless solutions – when delivered with the full scope of Aruba software solutions – deliver meaningful experiences from the interaction of work environments, people, and connected machines. Also, the implementation of a secure edge strategy is a critical component of the digital transformation journey.


PTC software solutions create the foundation for companies to leverage data in their Industrial IoT environment to access, monitor, analyze, and act on their data in meaningful ways. From dashboards to mixed reality worker experiences, the scope of solutions profoundly transforms worker efficiency and effectiveness.


Realwear brings a head-mounted device that enables the connected worker to collect and react to, the information in a hands-free, voice-controlled environment. No more inspection rounds with only a clipboard to write down readings or fumbling with a tablet or laptop in an industrial field setting. Realwear’s capabilities also eliminate the need to have multiple individuals onsite to effectively complete a task. By utilizing remote mentor functionalities, only one person is needed onsite while one or multiple subject matter experts can assist virtually.


SparkCognition develops AI-powered software to deliver on the safety, security, and reliability required for IT/OT convergence. Capable of harnessing real-time sensor data and continuously learning from it to allow for more accurate risk mitigation and prevention policies to intervene and avert disasters. As an integral part of an effective predictive maintenance and condition monitoring strategy, SparkCognition delivers the insights required to achieve maximum returns on high-value assets.


Intel is enabling a more intelligent Industrial IoT strategy by supporting enterprises that are moving to the edge so they can capture more data, analyze it faster, and act on it sooner. Enterprises can take advantage of the insights generated to facilitate more strategic decision making and drive operational advancements.

National Instruments

Equipping assets with connected and synchronized measurement and control technologies unlock insights that can increase uptime, boost performance, and drive innovation all while reducing operational costs. National Instruments technology provides unmatched capabilities in measurement, control, ruggedness, and connectivity so companies can realize the benefits of the Industrial IoT.


By scaling out intelligent sensors, assets, and devices on the industrial operations network OSIsoft can solve operational problems in alignment with business processes. Implementing an Industrial IoT data analytics approach that complements and integrates into existing systems seamlessly is the key. This enables businesses to better understand asset health, improve asset performance, and increase asset and worker safety.

Bringing the Pieces Together

As you can see from the descriptions above, each of CBT’s partners brings a unique set of capabilities to the ecosystem. Individually, they are outstanding hardware and/or software companies, but combined with CBT we form an industry-leading IIoT powerhouse. Together, this group was one of the first (and only) to successfully integrate advanced IIoT technologies into a live chemical production environment and achieve next-generation innovation, efficiency, and safety. So far, our solutions include Connected Worker, Asset Integrity Management, Video as a Sensor and Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Lead or Follow

It’s obvious that IIoT brings big opportunities but also big challenges. This is perhaps the reason that widespread adoption of IIoT solutions has yet to truly blossom. There are very few real-life success stories around these technologies, especially when implemented at scale, but CBT is proud to be included alongside our partner ecosystem as one of them. 

Picking the right partners and ecosystems may make the difference between moving forward successfully or never moving forward at all. CBT can categorically state that we would not have experienced our success without the support of our partners. 

It’s important when building partnerships and developing use cases, that you know where you want to go, how you’re going to get there, and who to call when you need to get it done right, from the start.

If you are interested in learning more about CBT, our IIoT solutions, or how we successfully built an industry-leading partner ecosystem, schedule a meeting using the orange button below, and let’s learn more about each other. 

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