The Team Behind the Technology at CBT: Andrea Jones

The Team Behind the Technology at CBT

An Interview with Andrea Jones, Human Resources Manager

Meet Andrea Jones, Human Resources Manager at CBT! Hear about CBT’s response to COVID-19, why our employees work at CBT and thoughts on winning OCBJ’s 2020 Best Places to Work Award.




CBT’s Response to COVID-19

We were pretty fortunate because coming into COVID-19, we were in a pretty good position financially. Our goal was to make sure that we took care of our existing employees and that this was a transitory thing. We were able to really hold to our core objectives that we’re going to get through this and come through it on the other side stronger and ready to run when everything opened up again.

It’s taken its toll in a lot of ways but it’s been actually very good and positive for CBT as an overall culture. We used to have half of our staff in-house and the rest of our workforce remote, so there was a separation in the culture. And now with all of us working from home, we have a real strong sense of what it’s like to be a remote worker and have built up a strong community through slack and zoom. I think it’s actually brought us closer together and built a stronger culture.

Why Work at CBT?

I think the reason why employees stay with CBT so long is because it’s a great company to work for. And not only because we’ve got a great work environment and state of the art office equipment. But it’s mostly out of a shared vision that has been Kelly’s passion for 20 years. She casts a strong vision and people love being a part of the success of CBT.

We have a core group of employees who have been with the company for well over 11 years. Almost a fourth of the staff have been here for 11+ years!

It’s a good place to work, why leave!

Thoughts on CBT’s win as 2020 OCBJ’s Best Places to Work in OC Award

We were nominated to participate in Orange County Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in Orange County. In fact, we came out #17 in the small business category! It comes down to who CBT is: we are devoted to our employees and our employees are devoted to CBT; its a mutual relationship.

It was a confirmation that we are in touch with our employees and that we’re all on the same page. One of the things that we strive for is transparency, so wanting to make sure that we’re in touch with how our employees are feeling, responding, are they engaged, are they fulfilled in their work, and are we doing a good job as an employer. Because that is Kelly’s #1 objective: happy employees make for happy customers.

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