The Team Behind the Technology at CBT: Maggie Chang

The Team Behind the Technology at CBT

An Interview with Maggie Chang, Marketing Coordinator

In this interview, you will meet Maggie Chang, Marketing Coordinator at CBT. Learn more about Maggie’s role in the marketing department and her journey at CBT.


Describe your role and the value you bring to the company.

As a Marketing Coordinator, I handle the logistics and execution of campaigns and activities in the marketing department. From a digital marketing aspect, that includes maintaining and publishing content on the website, the company blog and social media accounts. I also coordinate event marketing efforts such as tracking registration, travel, booth, etc. For this role you have to be detail-oriented and organized, are able to maintain multiple projects at the same time, and do well with meeting deadlines.

What is it like being in the marketing field in the tech industry?

It was challenging for me to go into the IT industry, as I didn’t have previous experience in the field. I used the resources around me, taking online courses and asking teammates to help me bring up to speed with the industry. As a marketing professional, it’s helpful to have industry knowledge because any customer-facing content you produce needs to reflect the company’s goals.

Pick one CBT core value and explain what it means to you.

During my time at CBT, what stood out to me was the collaborate “can do” attitude. What I find unique about CBT is that everyone here is very motivated and willing to help each other. Everyone in the company is accepting and supportive of each other both on a personal and professional level. And it’s hard to find such relationship in a corporate environment.

What’s exciting about marketing at CBT?

Everyday is different in the marketing department. With multiple ongoing projects, you could be working on one campaign today and an event tomorrow. And it’s exciting to see people respond to your content.

What is your advice to recent college graduates and how to maintain work/life balance?

Don’t just apply for the big name companies. Check out the company’s website and social media to figure out who you might work with. The people there will affect your decision of whether you will be happy there. It’s important to find a company that respects you and helps you maintain your work life balance.


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