Are You Ready for Hybrid IT

Enabling the Digital Enterprise with IT and OT Convergence Benefits of Hybrid IT for Operations

Step 1: Create an IT Infrastructure Architecture Blueprint

In order to drive innovation and optimize production environments, data serves as the raw material. This data …

Are You Ready for Digital Transformation

Are You Ready? Your Plant, Digital Journey, Digital Twin, Production Goals, and Sustainability (ESG) Goals Benefits of Digital Transformation

1. Improve production output by optimizing production processes 2. Improve sustainability thru lower consumption of energy, water, and gas 3. Improve …

Key Principles of Technology-Driven Operations

Key Principles of Technology-Driven Operations

When developing an end-to-end industrial internet of things (IIoT) solution, it’s important to have both a vision and a plan. Setting objectives and benchmarks will help guide you and your company through the journey.

Compartmentalizing …

What is Connected Worker?

What is Connected Worker? Our Connected Worker solution is revolutionizing the way frontline workers do their jobs.

Today, when connected technologies are mentioned, many people automatically think of the internet of things (IoT). IoT uses sensors and beacons to track …